Truck or Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV) Insurance in South Africa

Truck or Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV) insurance products are purpose-designed around the needs of hauliers and transport contractors, focusing specifically on companies that carry goods for reward


Truck or Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV) Insurance:

Truck or Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV) insurance products have solutions for vehicles from the modest 3.5 tonner (or gross vehicle mass exceeding 3 500kg), up to large 44 to 56 ton trucks.

The heavy haulage transport industry is a major player in our country’s economy where accidents and unforeseen circumstances can happen at any given moment, as more than 80% of goods are transported on the road.

Managing and maintaining a fleet of heavy commercial vehicles can be challenging as it involves a number of risks. To mitigate these risks, having adequate insurance in place is therefore an absolute must.

Insurers provide insurance products for truck and heavy commercial vehicles against perils such as an accident and associated costs, mechanical breakdown and towing, theft and hijacking, lost keys, and much more - discuss your specific needs with your Broker, who can identify the key insurable risks with your particular business.

National Road Traffic Regulations: Transport operators should adhere to regulations and keep up with amendments, where they for instance need to provide written evidence that both vehicles, as well as the goods to be transported on a public road, are insured “for damages that can occur as the result of an accident”.

DIB Solutions have partnered with reputable underwriters and insurance companies in order to assist our clients with appropriate Insurance cover – we can therefore also assist clients with tailor-made products (where applicable) at competitive premiums. We understand that your trucks and heavy commercial vehicle (HCV) fleet is the lifeline of your business where the wheels of your heavy haulage operations should be kept turning – that is, by ensuring that your vehicles are fully protected every step of the way, as well as caring for both trucks and truckers.

Also note some of the important considerations about Truck or HCV Insurance:

  • Trucks or Heavy Commmercial Vehicle (HCV) drivers, need a special license in order to operate these vehicles;
  • A professional driving permit (PDP), is also a requirement;
  • Some Truck or Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV) insurers provide cover against perils such as an accident and associated costs, mechanical breakdown and towing, theft and hijacking, lost keys, and much more;
  • Whether you own a single truck or a national fleet of vehicles, some heavy commercial vehicle insurance products protect vehicles against loss or damage, as well as liability incurred, because of damage to property as a result of using the vehicle;
  • Truck or Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV) Insurance cover options may include: Comprehensive truck and trailer cover; Third party fire and theft; Third party only; Loss of use; Goods in transit cover; Comprehensive bus, windscreen, accidental damage excess buy down; Passenger liability; Theft & highjack excess buy downs and Public Liability (PL), amongst other;
  • Certain extensions and add-on options such as the following, are also available: Excess buyback, Loss of use cover, Transit insurance;
  • Check your territorial limits and countries included in your policy - are you covered, or do you require across the border extra cover;
  • The number of truck drivers have an influence on your policy.

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