Home Owners / Building Insurance in South Africa

Every day, your house is exposed to many potential risks. You should ensure that your home (the building or physical structure), is sufficiently protected against the most unusual and unexpected events.

Home Owners Insurance - Insurance that covers you
for the unexpected events

Why Home Owners / Building Insurance:

We define a 'building' as any private residential home used for domestic purposes. This includes permanent structures on your property, all outbuildings, as well as permanent fixtures, fittings and improvements to your property, such as swimming pools, walls and fences, gates and gate motors, paving – and much more.

Whether you’re a proud first homeowner, or a savvy property investor, insuring your buildings to match true replacement value, is absolutely essential. Note that Home Owners Insurance, does NOT also cover that which is 'inside' your home (eg. furniture & appliances).

We know that your home is much more than just bricks and mortar – but it’s still worth making sure that the physical structure is adequately covered. Ensure that your insurance, at least covers the following:
  • Fire, lightning and explosion;
  • Theft that caused damages to the property (eg. due to violent entry);
  • Weather and natural disasters such as flood, storms, wind, snow, rain, hail, earthquake or flood
  • Malicious, accidental or unforeseen damage;
  • Burst pipes, faulty water systems and leaking or overflowing from geysers, tanks, pipes or gutters;
  • Erosion or subsidence;
  • Breakage or collapse of radio/television aerials or dishes.
DIB Solutions (Pty) Ltd have partnered with reputable underwriters and various insurance companies in order to assist our clients with appropriate Insurance cover – we can therefore also assist clients with tailor-made products (where applicable) at competitive premiums. We provide a professional and personal service, as well as build long-term relationships with our clients. Discuss your individual needs with one of our experts – we will ensure that you are adequately covered.

Also note some of the important considerations when looking for Home Owners / Building Insurance:

  • Are you covered for loss of rent or rental income?
  • Are you covered for swimming pool pumps, borehole pumps, gate motors and other?
  • Emergency Assistance: What does your emergency assistance offers as part of the package?
  • Excess: Consider your excess structure options (the first amount payable by you with any claim);
  • Do you have access to guards to protect the property in the event of a loss?
  • Does your product offer temporary accommodation in the event of a loss?
  • Geyser / Water heating systems: If you have more than one geyser within the structure are they all covered or must you stipulate the number of geysers?
  • Including the costs of fire brigade or other emergency services?
  • Optional cover: Are you covered for a wide range of damages including leaks, malfunctions of geysers, broken windows, electrical problems, pest control and appliance repairs
  • Property owners liability cover – is this option included or not?
  • Rewards: Would you receive any rewards or bonuses for not claiming?

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