Commercial Fleet Insurance in South Africa

Fleet Insurance, is the insurance of a GROUP of cars, commercial vehicles and/or trucks etc. that are insured under the cover of ONE policy.

Fleet Insurance has become a very specialized field!
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Why Fleet Insurance?

Fleet Insurance has become a very specialized field, where the cost of the premiums is determined by a variety of factors. Fleet Insurance manages the risk of all your business vehicles under this policy – it is designed to distribute the risk across the board, so you do not pay more than once for each peril.

It does not make financial sense to insure each of the vehicles individually under their own insurance policy and pay for each individual vehicle’s risk. Fleet Insurance assesses the risk of the entire fleet and evaluates the premiums based on the perils for the entire fleet, instead of per vehicle, while catering for those risks specific to owning a high volume of vehicles.

Fleet Insurance is generally used by companies that use vehicles to travel for business purposes, but it can also benefit an individual that drives many vehicles.

Fleet Insurance is an important and effective part of managing the commercial fleet of a business. From truck insurance for small businesses, to insurance for large fleets of vehicles, there are flexible commercial vehicle insurance options to meet the requirements of any company.
To qualify for fleet insurance, the vehicles must be owned by the same business (or person). The insurer usually requires a minimum number of vehicles, in order for the insured to qualify for Fleet Insurance.

Businesses require cover that is cost-effective and comprehensive, with an effective account management team to handle claims efficiently and without fuss. It remains the duty of the fleet owner to keep the Broker and/or insurance company informed of any changes to the fleet.

DIB Solutions (Pty) Ltd have partnered with reputable underwriters and various insurance companies in order to assist our clients with appropriate Insurance cover – we can therefore also assist clients with tailor-made products (where applicable) at competitive premiums. We provide a professional and personal service, as well as build long-term relationships with our clients. There are a few product options you may consider in the market place, as well as multiple factors that will greatly affect the price of fleet insurance – therefore discuss your individual needs with one of our experts.

Also note some of the important considerations when looking for Fleet Insurance:

  • Complexities: Fleet vehicle insurance must also take into account the complexities of insuring business or commercial vehicles – such as insuring cars for multiple drivers and making sure vehicles can be used for as many applications as necessary;
  • Damage or loss of third party property, should be included in most policies;
  • Injury cover is covered under most Commercial Fleet Insurance products;
  • In some instances your cover can vary from comprehensive, or self- funded, aggregate excess basis, third part fire & theft, or even third party only;
  • Recommended: It is advisable to utilize any risk management programmes offered by the insurers or niche underwriters. Managing your fleet, will positively impact on your commercial fleet premiums;
  • Note: Some products may include deposit cover;
  • In the insurance industry, anything related to vehicles pose many challenges. This is mainly due to the following: The cost of parts (most of which must be imported); Cost of reinsurance being bought by a weak Rand; Road conditions. When it comes to vehicle fleets, all of these factors impacts - and this in return, affects the premiums on Commercial Fleet Insurance.

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