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 Mountain Bike or Bicycle Insurance

Mountain Bikings - The change towards healthy living

There has been a serious paradigm shift in recent years towards healthy living and creating healthy lifestyles. More and more people are trading their unhealthy lifestyles for lifestyles that would see them become fitter, leaner and generally healthier individuals. As a result of this conscious decision they spend more time in the open and enjoy what ‘Mother Nature’ has to offer. Most of these new adventure thrill seekers, have a mountain or road bike because what started out as a tool to assist them in getting fit is now an extension of who they have become.

DIB Solutions has partnered with reputable underwriters and insurance companies in order to assist our clients with an active lifestyle. These companies know how much our clients love their mountain bikes (and road bikes) and for that reason we have made the effort to assist our client’s so that we can cater for their specific needs.

DIB Solutions can assist with product tailor made for you. Whether you are a pro cyclist or just an adventure thrill seeker, we can accommodate you.

Some of the important things to consider when looking for insurance for your mountain or road bike/bicyle:

Is this a standard frame and components or did you fit aftermarket accessories and components to the bike?  Make sure you specify these items or extra’s accordingly.

The main reason for this is that you should make sure that you insure your bicycle for its current replacement value as well as the current replacement value of the accessories fitted to the bicycle. Some insurers will penalise you by way of average if your bicycle is under insured at the time of a loss.

Do you attend races:

It is important to note that some insurers do not cover your bicycle for racing events nor do they insure the bicycle on its way to the event. It is therefore very important to ask your broker or insurer if they do cover your bicycle on the way to the event, during the race as well as heading back home after an event took place. 

What else can I insure under my mountain bike insurance policy:
  • Wearing apparel: clothing, sunglasses, jerseys, headwear etc. 
  • Tools and spares;
  • Accessories: lights, locks, saddle bags and grips etc.
  • Technology:  Action Cameras, GPS and Bicycle computers etc.
What else can the insurer or product provider offer me along with comprehensive insurance cover on my Mountain or road bike insurance policy?

Certain insurance companies or underwriters do not only assist with comprehensive All risk insurance (Theft, hijacking, damage incurred in transit or whilst training) for your bike but they have taken things a bit further in assisting their clients with the following included in their offerings:

  • Trauma counselling;
  • Medical benefit for any accident while attending an official racing event;
  • Trip cancelation;
  • Legal Liability;
  • For an additional premium some underwriters can even include;
  • ER24 SweatSafe by making you instantly identifiable in a medical emergency with the ER24 SweatSafe band. Further, you will be allocated a personal pin number printed on the band with the ER24 call centre number. This means that a person is assured of immediate action in the event of an accident.  

Please click on the link and complete a quick and easy questionnaire so that we can get you one step closer to insure your bike.  

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