Classic Car (or Vintage Vehicle) Insurance in South Africa

Owning classic cars or vintage vehicles, can bring with it a huge price tag – not just to buy them, but also to maintain them as well.

Classic Car (or Vintage Vehicle) Insurance
protects your investment

Why Classic Car (or Vintage Vehicle) Insurance:

Are you aware of the fact that true 'Classic Cars' (or Vintage Vehicles) have appreciated MORE than any other investment item?

One could ask 'What is defined as a classic car'? Well, if it’s already more than 20 years old and doesn’t travel more than 10 000 kilometres per year, it is normally considered as a 'classic car', or vintage vehicle. These collectibles are normally only used for exhibitions, club activities and occasional pleasure or leisure, such as transport for weddings – it is not your primary means of transportation.

Classic car parts are typically very expensive and many parts can only be bought overseas. Because your old beauty is well, 'old', there’s a good chance you’ll need to replace its working parts. Classic cars are indeed valuable – where serious car collectors, as well as those being part of exclusive clubs (who appreciate design, history and beautiful things), then restore and maintain these cars to perfection - which can become a pricy hobby.

If you are one of the lucky few who own an exotic classic car or collectible, then you need Classic Car (or Vintage Vehicle) Insurance to protect your investment.

You need proper insurance through people who share your passion for timeless design and years of history. With some of the classic car policy covers, you can insure your prized classic car against any theft, damage or repair costs. Being a specialist niche area, all product options should be considered, where you would need a specialist's assistance to help you take care of your “golden oldie” or "cool-one-of-a-kind" collectible.

DIB Solutions (Pty) Ltd have partnered with reputable underwriters and various insurance companies in order to assist our clients with appropriate Insurance cover – we can therefore also assist clients with tailor-made products (where applicable) at competitive premiums. We provide a professional and personal service, as well as build long-term relationships with our clients. Discuss your individual needs with one of our experts.

Also note some of the important considerations when looking for Classic Car or Vintage Vehicle Insurance:

  • Can the Classic Car (or Vintage Vehicle) policy be expanded to cater for multiple classic cars or vintage vehicle collectibles?
  • Can the classic car policy be extended to business use, or at least limited business use?
  • Can you reduce cover for your classic car to Third party, fire & theft?
  • Check the following:
    • Your limits and benefits offered on locks, keys, audio and accessories.
    • Your territorial limits, and repatriation options.
    • Your classic car's windscreen limits, as this may pose a problem with some policies.
  • Do you benefit through low kilometres on your classic car?
  • It is suggested that you get a specialist independent valuation done on the classic car (or vintage vehicle).
  • Some policies allow first option to the insured to buy back salvage (any parts of the car that can be saved and reused), in the event of a total loss.
  • Would your policy allow you to insure for agreed value?
  • Would you enjoy cover if you use your classic car to participate in rallies and motorsports events, or even transport for weddings?
  • Would classic car accessories be covered whilst on display? Can it be extended to laid up cover?

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