Bicycle (or Bike) Insurance in South Africa

Are you a keen cycling enthusiast – then you will need insurance for your bicycle (or bike), as well as the related accessories.

 Bicycle Insurance
Bicycle (or Bike) Insurance - also consider
Specialist cover, if you partake in cycling events & races

Why Bicycle (or Bike) Insurance:

As a cyclist, you will be exposed to dangerous road conditions that may even cause death or disability. Furthermore, bicycles, the cycling gear and related accessories that go with this type of sport, are expensive! You may therefore invest in Bicycle Insurance and also consider specialist cover – if you partake in cycling events and races.

Both recreational and/or professional cyclists, benefit from Bicycle (Bike) Insurance for this type of sport – consider cover for both your bicycle and accessories.

More people are nowadays trading their unhealthy lifestyles for lifestyles that would see them become fitter, leaner and generally healthier individuals. Carefully consider the product options available for this specialist niche area.

DIB Solutions (Pty) Ltd have partnered with reputable underwriters and various insurance companies in order to assist our clients with appropriate Insurance cover – we can therefore also assist clients with tailor-made products (where applicable) at competitive premiums. We provide a professional and personal service, as well as build long-term relationships with our clients. Discuss your individual needs with one of our experts.


Also note some of the important considerations when looking for Bicycle Insurance:

  • Consider the entire Bicycle Insurance package, knowing your level of participation in the sport of cycling. The more active and serious you are about cycling, the wider the scope of cover options you should explore – such as legal liability, damage at time trails or track events.
  • Ensure to compare the various Bicycle Insurance policy’s excess structures as some insurers give fixed excesses, whilst other may vary.
  • In transit: Will you enjoy cover on a full replacement basis, for both your bicycle and bike accessories?
  • Medical Benefits: Consider medical benefits and personal accident for death or disability.
  • Niche specialist Bicycle Insurance products may also offer trauma counselling in the event of a highjacking or armed robbery – provided it happened when you were training.
  • Specialist bicycle products will also cover you if your trip is cancelled, due to certain prescribed circumstances. This may be of value, given the costs attached to some cycling events and races.
  • Territorial limits: Will your Bicycle Insurance cover you abroad?
  • What is the cover options on your Bicycle Insurance? Are you covered for perils such as theft, accidental loss, damages, highjacking and fire?

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