Travel Insurance in South Africa

Regardless if you are travelling abroad for leisure or on business, or just locally, things don’t go as planned. Invest in Travel Insurance – have increased peace of mind, start the adventure and just enjoy the fun stuff!


Are you looking for comfort and peace of mind when you travel?
Invest in Travel Insurance and start building memories.


Travel Insurance:

Travelling abroad and/or outside the borders of South Africa, can be very expensive – that is without even adding the compulsory Travel Insurance on top of that cost.

Travel Insurance protects you against unforeseen circumstances that might leave you out of pocket while away on holiday, with risks such as emergency medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage/baggage, delayed flights and many more. Choose and evaluate your travel insurance options carefully.

Pending your specific circumstances, this may be a specialist area of insurance and we recommend advice is obtained through a reputable Broker - also given the cover options required, as well as various exclusions involved (refer to the policy's Terms & Conditions for specifications), you will need access to specialized insurance advice.

DIB Solutions (Pty) Ltd have partnered with reputable underwriters and various insurance companies in order to assist our clients with appropriate Insurance cover – we can therefore also assist clients with tailor-made products (where applicable) at competitive premiums. We understand the wide range of risks involved and would like to offer our clients peace of mind when they travel.

Travelling Insurance - Plan Options & Packages may include the following:

  There are different plan options to consider. Please note -- whilst certain credit cards provide travel options, the cover is normally limited, so please make sure you cover all your basis. 
  • Individual or Student Traveller: Planning your trip, has never been so much fun;
  • Family Options: This option is for families travelling together;
  • Groups: This leisure option is for groups of holiday makers, adventure seekers, etc;
  • Business: This option is tailored to meet the needs of corporate travellers where their jobs require either international or local travel;
  • Senior Package:  This option is exclusively for senior citizens (+ from 71 up to the age of 81), or as age is stipulated.
  Ensure to gain access to specialist products. Speak to a trusted insurance Broker or Travel/Trip Advisor in your area.

Also, note the following guidelines and considerations applicable to Travel Insurance options:

  • Emergency medical and related expenses:  Although general unexpected medical emergencies will be covered, the traveller should take note that certain exclusions also exist, eg: Injury due to some adventure sport or hazardous activities; Certain known medical conditions or undeclared and unaccepted pre-existing medical conditions;
  • Lost or stolen luggage or baggage:  Accidental loss of baggage/luggage or personal items is only covered if you can provide proof of the incident (e.g. affidavit) and proof of ownership or purchase. Loss, theft or damage to baggage and items due to an airline carrier, rail or coach operator, must be reported to them before you leave the terminal or airport.
  • Cancellation, Curtailment and Postponement:  Covers irrecoverable expenses incurred if you cannot travel, need to return early or are postponed due to the following (to name a few): Visa denied, Travel supplier insolvency, Compulsory quarantine, Terrorist incident, Unexpected illness, injury or death. It excludes causes related to pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Travel Delay:  Essential expenses incurred due to scheduled public transport delays for 4 hours or more due to strikes, bad weather, mechanical breakdown, security alert or terrorist incident, will be covered.
  • Hospital bills: Payable in foreign currency, especially if the Rand’s exchange rate is not favourable, or travelling where emergency medical repatriation may be required, then Travel Insurace cover is essential.
  • Other cover otions: Missed connections, Natural disaster cover, Personal Liability and/or Personal Accident cover, For people who may be travelling with pre-existing illnesses, and/or for those older than 69 (or other age as stipulated) etc.

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